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    For more than 40 years, Auto-Industrial Paint Company in Stockton, CA, has been the go-to supplier for anyone restoring or working on a car project, manufacturing, and auto body repair. You get experience, knowledge, and service every time you drop in. From automotive paint to industrial coatings, we’ve got everything you need!

PPG Car Paint


want to know more about why you should buy PPG Car Paint?

If a car paint company with over 125 years of experience impresses you, you want to shop for PPG car paint. In fact, this company is the largest one of its kind in the world, with stores in more than 70 countries. If you want to know more about why you should buy PPG Car Paint at Auto-Industrial Paint Company, consider the following:

Color Matching: PPG paint has made color matching more effortless than ever.
Widely Available: Most auto stores carry this paint, making it one of the most trusted.
Affordable Pricing: Just because they’re highly regarded and considered the industry’s gold standard doesn’t mean they’re expensive!

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Know the Types of Auto Body Paint


The pros at Auto-Industrial Paint Company can help you find whatever you need when deciding on the kind of auto-body paint you need. Here are some types of car paint to give you an idea of what you have to choose from:


Depending on where you are in your project, you may want to start with a primer. This will get your car’s surface ready for painting. Primers help your paint stay on the car for a long time, even with normal wear and tear.

Base Coat:

This is the coat that is colored. You should check with a pro to see if you want to add a clear or urethane base coat. These can help to reduce uneven or blemished paint in the long run.

Clear Coat:

A clear coat provides another layer of protection to your car’s surface. Many contain UV protection, which can reduce paint fading and damage.


Your specialty car may require specialty paint. Consult a pro at Auto-Industrial Paint Company to help you select the one that’s best for your project.

Unrivaled Color Matching!

Anyone who’s done any auto painting knows that color matching can be complex. Auto-Industrial Paint Company can help anyone find their perfect match! Our extensive experience makes us uniquely qualified to find your vehicle’s perfect color match.

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Whether you’re a business owner, run a transportation service, have a passion for car restoration, or have any other reason you need auto body paint, we’re here for you. We strive to offer exceptional customer service, a wide selection of available products, guidance on color matching, and the tools you need to get the job done.

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