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Whether you’re new to automobile paint or a seasoned pro, finding the right color and type of paint for your project can be challenging. When you bring your painting needs to Auto-Industrial Paint Company, you save yourself a ton of time and frustration. You’ll find extensive experience and knowledge to get you on the right track for your automotive paint needs.

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Automotive Paint Types

There are many things to factor into finding the kind of car paint that’s right for you.

Most cars have urethane or acrylic paint. Other common types of paint include:

  • Solid Paint: This is the type of paint most people have on their vehicles. You’ll see strong color and a nice sheen on the surface. It typically has excellent UV protection, is durable, and won’t fade with proper care.
  • Pearlescent Paint: A car that looks like it has a sparkly, reflective sheen has likely been painted with pearlescent paint. This is often more expensive than other paints but worth it for many due to its luxurious, reflective appearance.
  • Matte Paint: Matte paint is a flat paint, meaning that it doesn’t have a sheen or glossy appearance. This look has become more popular in recent years. It gives cars a unique appearance and texture, making this paint stand out.
  • Metallic Paint: This paint has tiny metal flakes in it so that it reflects light, giving it a metallic-looking finish. The flakes tend to be silver or gold but can be found with other colors. You may pay more for this kind of paint, but its unique and upscale look might be worth the cost.

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Your vehicle needs protective coatings from UV rays, bird droppings, small debris, and more. There are many industrial coatings to apply to your car, including acrylic polymer emulsions, resins, and other special coatings. Take advantage of the experience and expertise at Auto-Industrial Paint Company to help you select the coating that’s best for your vehicle. You’ll be able to benefit from their industry experience as well as their wide range of products.

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